Some celebs getting paid to tweet

Posted on January 17, 2011


We’re not sure how many Tweeps are following celebs these days, but we do wonder if they know that there’s a good chance that their favorite star might be getting paid to tweet. Last year, when AOL revamped its website, comedian Michael Ian Black and TV icon Kim Kardashian were among the several celebs tweeting praise of the site. What may not have been readily known is that they got paid to do it. Most recently, rapper 50 Cent claims to have made $8.7 million in a single weekend for a no-name penny stock company by tweeting away day and night for a few days. We’re curious about what our readers think of this. Does this give celebs less creditability? Is it any different than them lending their face and name for a shampoo commercial on TV? Would you be willing to tweet for cash?

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