Time CEO who brought unwelcome change fired after only 6 months

Posted on February 21, 2011


After less than six month on the job, Jack Griffin has been fired as CEO of Time’s magazine division. According to the article, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes sent a memo to employees that said, “Although Jack is an extremely accomplished executive, I concluded that his leadership style and approach did not mesh with Time Inc. and Time Warner.” But from all indications, Griffin didn’t try to bring about negative change, but just change in general. Before taking on the CEO job at Time, Griffin was a top executive at Meredith Corp., another magazine publishing company. Ad Age concludes that this firing was just a result “of someone being brought in and changing things when a company is not prepared for the changes or decides it did not want the changes.” We are actually a bit disturbed by this. Could a company be so set in its ways that it wouldn’t give a new top executive benefit of the doubt with changes to procedures and policies? Then again, the article also states, “Ad Age quoted a Time employee who said Griffin, ‘brought in all these consultants who were telling us how everything we were doing was stupid, and actually some things we were doing were pretty smart.’ ” Either Time is stuck in its ways or Griffin should have taken more time to get to know the staff and culture before forcing changes on veterans. What do you think?

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