Dear Social Media Networks, Please remove offensive material. Love, India

Posted on December 6, 2011


India officials met with representatives of several social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, to ask them to remove what they might consider “offensive material” from their networks, according to an article in The Montreal Gazette. India already bans “offensive material” in books and movies. They reason that this is simply to avoid religious and political attacks and, let’s face it, the country has been known to have some religious-based violence in the past. However, this urging by Indian officials has been met with some outrage around the internet. The word “censorship” is used quite often in this discussion; even though India says it’s not censorship. We did chuckle a bit at this quote from the article:

” ‘I love Sonia Gandhi. She is awesome. She is God. And never wrong about anything, ever. (This msg is approved by Kapil Sibal’s cyber cell),’ posted twitter user Sorabh Pant.”

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