This article gives klout to the anti-Klout movement

Posted on December 6, 2011


If you’re into social media, you undoubtedly have read one or two of the thousands of blog posts entitled “Why I deleted my Klout account.” Klout, which touts itself as the standard for measuring social media influence, has been under fire lately ever since it “fixed” its algorithm and many users saw their scores drop dramatically. We’ve been weeding through these anti-Klout blog posts and wondering if maybe there’s just a “let’s delete our account” bandwagon that everyone has been jumping on. However, today we stumbled upon this post on Business 2 Community. While it’s a long post, it spells out some interesting tidbits about Klout. Below are some items we found interesting but we recommend reading the article in its entirety.

  1. Klout seems to warn users if they are engaging with people whose influence score has dropped recently. Are they telling users to not interact with these “social losers” unless they want their own scores to drop?
  2. There seems to be conflict over whether or not Klout is analyzing data across 13 networks as they claim. A Klout employee even stated recently that Klout is really only measuring four networks.
  3. Klout says it can’t or won’t measure social media accounts that aren’t linked to Klout and/or remain private or locked accounts. The author of the article tested this out and found it not to be true.
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