Google+ will offer check-in specials, but compare with Foursquare? Really?

Posted on December 7, 2011


TechCrunch offers up an article entitled “Google+ To Take On Foursquare With Upcoming ‘Check-In Offers’ Feature,” and we have to admit we are entirely confused. First, the ability to check in on Google Places isn’t new. Okay, they are going to offer limited time specials with check-ins. We get it. However, this article is a big bag of confusion. The article references check-in features and links with Google Places, Google+, Google Latitude, etc. The author even admits that this is a “kind of a big ol’ mess right now.” Then it refers to a help page to figure out how this is going to work but notes later in the article that this help page has been taken down. We are now frustrated. You know what this article doesn’t mention once except for in the headline? How these check-in offers will take on Foursquare. In fact, Foursquare isn’t mentioned once in the entire article. We need a new headline, more information and a more well-thought-out article about how this is going to work, please.