The 20 most influential people in social media, according to … ???

Posted on December 7, 2011


Income Diary has posted an article listing the top 20 most influential people in social media. There are some obvious ones such as Pete Cashmore of Mashable and author Guy Kawasaki. The list is organized nicely with a short bio, some of the influential peep’s writings and/or article shares and their numbers on different social networks. Yet, what we don’t know is how these people were chosen as the most influential in social media. It’s not their following on Twitter. Some have millions while others are only in the 20K range. It’s not Facebook because several don’t even list their pages. Most of them have Google+ accounts, but we contend that site is still too new to figure out who’s influential in it. It’s not that we are arguing with Income Diary’s list. It’s just that when we are given a list like this, we’d like to know how the most influential were determined.

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