Alec Baldwin becomes newest celebrity to turn off Twitter

Posted on December 8, 2011


We’ve heard Alec Baldwin has a bad temper; but he really showed his colors this week after getting booted off a plane for continuing to play Words With Friends on his smartphone after American Airlines flight attendants asked that all electronic devices be turned off as they prepared to leave the gate. The “30 Rock” star first sent out a post on Twitter telling his 600,000+ followers about his experience and included the hashtag #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt. Then he continued to berate American; even sending out a tweet saying the airline is “where Catholic-school gym teachers from the 1950s find jobs as flight attendants.” Later, he asks his followers on Twitter to unfollow him to crash the account. (What did Twitter do, we ask?) Meanwhile, we watched the jokes fly through cyberspace about the situation. Apparently either one of his agents or “30 Rock” cohorts weren’t amused and Baldwin’s Twitter account was taken down and his page deleted. He later apologized to his airline passengers via The Huffington Post. Still, it’s quite interesting how many celebrities have quit Twitter because of their 140-character outbursts or just because they don’t want to respond to negativity regarding their personal or professional lives. Many of them come back after the situation calms down. We bet Baldwin will at some point too.