Are you embracing the changes in Gmail, Twitter and Facebook?

Posted on December 8, 2011


It’s apparently the time of change for many social networks. Some of the changes have been slow rollouts, while others have come out of the blue and hit us without an announcement and beyond our expectations. Some changes, as with Gmail, were announced and you could opt in at your discretion with the understanding that at some point you were going to have no choice and be forced to deal with the change. Below are some resources to help you through these changes. Meanwhile, how are you embracing the change? What other networks are experiencing significant changes and upgrades right now?

Gmail: Google does a great job on its Gmail blog by listing out the features and then also getting into the technicalities of the changes.

Twitter: This network changed its interface in a big way today. If you update your mobile app, you’ll see it immediately.

Facebook: This network’s changes seem to be only valid for Android, but we bet some changes are coming for iPhone soon too.

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