Facebook: I’ll sue you. You’ll sue me. We’re a suing anomaly.

Posted on December 9, 2011


Facebook certainly likes lawsuits. Now they are countersuing Timelines.com saying that the word “timeline” is too generic to be a copyright issue, which is precisely why Timelines was suing Facebook in the first place when the social network announced its new timeline feature. First, we’d like to point out that if your trademark includes words like “face,” “book,” “time” and “line,” you probably need to understand that other entities might use part or all of those words from “time” to “time.” These aren’t unheard of words in the dictionary. Mashable published a quick, to-the-point video about this new development in the case, which is worth watching. Meanwhile, we just want you to think back to August 2010 when Facebook sued Teachbook for using the word “book” in their trademark. When will this hypocrisy and ridiculousness end?

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