Google Currents debuts as more than a social news reader

Posted on December 9, 2011


It’s been a long time in coming, but Google Currents has arrived. According to an article by Epicenter, Google Currents has been in development for most of the year under the alleged name “Propeller.” Google claims to have 150 partners within the newspaper and magazine industry for its tablet and smart phone focused reader app. Currents is supposedly a way for these publishing partners to transform their content into mobile-ready material. What we really like about Currents is that they are including a feature called “Producer” where anyone can create their content for the platform. Currents also allows users to share over a multitude of social networks, as well as through email. If Currents takes off, we can see this as a great way to share news socially; even though the article touts the platform as much more than just another social news reader. We’ll have to wait for the reviews to see.

Note: Thanks to Jim Raffel for referring this news to us.

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