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Charlotte Observer claims athlete suffering from herniated dick

January 4, 2012


Oops. Yes, they regret the error. Jim Romenesko shared a post today with a clipping from the Charlotte Observer where the editing process went a little awry. In the second paragraph of the clipping, it reads “(Ex-Charlotte Hornet Barton) Davis is recovering from a herniated dick.” Yes, yes. They meant “herniated disc” – or should […]

Regret The Error: The media mistakes of 2011

December 19, 2011


News organizations make errors. There’s no denying that. Some are a bit humorous and others are completely outrageous. Sometimes it isn’t even the errors that make us raise our eyebrows; it’s the corrections that are printed. Recently, Regret the Error has moved to Poynter Online. This transfer didn’t stop them from putting together their favorite […]

NYT Co. CEO Robinson will step down, receive $4.5 million consulting fee

December 16, 2011


If only we could all quit our jobs and acquire millions of dollars in consultant fees for the next year. That’s the deal that New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson will get when she steps down at the end of the year. Robinson has been CEO since late 2004 and has reportedly built one […]

Charlie Sheen tweets cell number to public; intended DM to Justin Bieber

December 16, 2011


Last week while Charlie Sheen was dining with friends in a restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, he unintentionally gave out his cell phone number publicly on Twitter. The actor reportedly was trying to direct message (DM) his number to teenage music star Justin Bieber. As you would expect, his millions of followers started […]

Facebook changes privacy settings again despite FTC decision

December 15, 2011


In a surprise announcement today, Facebook said it was going to be changing user privacy settings yet again. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) said on its site that Facebook “would post archived user information, making old posts available under Facebook’s current downgraded privacy settings.” Supposedly users only have a week to clean up their […]

LA Times editor to step down amongst rumors of more layoffs

December 14, 2011


Los Angeles Times editor Russ Stanton will step down on Dec. 23. Stanton has been editor since 2007 and has seen the paper go through a very hard time. During his tenure, the newsroom staff alone was cut from 900 employees to 550 and the paper started focusing more on regional news instead of national. […]

Alec Baldwin becomes newest celebrity to turn off Twitter

December 8, 2011


We’ve heard Alec Baldwin has a bad temper; but he really showed his colors this week after getting booted off a plane for continuing to play Words With Friends on his smartphone after American Airlines flight attendants asked that all electronic devices be turned off as they prepared to leave the gate. The “30 Rock” […]