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@CharlieSheen is #winning with Twitter marketing strategy

March 5, 2011


We’ve been waiting for the Charlie Sheen brouhaha to die down a little bit before we commented on it, but we aren’t so sure that it will anytime soon. Charlie was already the highest-paid television actor on “Two and a Half Men.” Yes, we know. Many of you don’t like the show and/or think that […]

Online revenue can’t save print newspaper business model

February 28, 2011


We’ve all heard it and the experts are saying it again: The newspaper industry’s print business model won’t be saved through only online revenue. Take into account that the Washington Post lost $5 of print ad revenue for every $1 of online revenue it gained in the last seven years. Overall, the newspaper gained $18 […]

Facebook copycat set to make history with IPO

February 21, 2011


Renren, “the Facebook of China,” has been around for six years. While it was conceived as a Facebook knockoff, Renren has developed more unique features and innovations than Facebook. It’s also been more aggressive with pushing social gaming and advertising. In fact, Renren execs claim they have grown revenue by more than 100 percent in […]

Yahoo to launch “Livestand” later this year

February 12, 2011


Yahoo announced this week that it will launch a tablet-based news and magazine service called “Livestand.” While the service won’t be available until later this year, Yahoo says it will allow news and magazine publishers to offer their content on a variety of devices, including the iPad and Android. According to the article: “We see […]

McClatchy: Newspaper ad spending falling at faster pace

February 10, 2011


McClatchy Co. is reporting a 42 percent drop in newspaper advertising in the fourth quarter of 2010. It’s been four years’ worth of steep decline for revenue in the newspaper industry. Sure, this news seems like old news, but McClatchy’s report seems to indicate that ad spending is falling at a faster pace than ever […]

Gannett’s print advertising revenue falls again

January 31, 2011


It’s not really surprising that print advertising revenue fell six percent for Gannett in the fourth quarter. What is surprising is that other mediums like broadcasting are enjoying a rebound. Gannett says weaknesses at USA Today and its newspaper division in the United Kingdom are to blame. We’re just wondering when we’ll hear about print […]

App developer encourages creation of iPad apps first

January 21, 2011


In an app Q&A on the Poynter Institute’s website, William Tallent, CEO of app developer Mercury Intermedia, encourages other app developers to create new apps for the iPad before any other platform. We noted yesterday on Twist that the 9-month-old iPad has already generated $10 billion in revenue for Apple. Tallent said there is evidence […]