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Apple pushes Ping for social sharing of music

December 8, 2011


If you’ve opened up iTunes lately, you have probably seen the advertisement for Ping, which looks to be Apple’s response to the popular Spotify for social sharing of music. Like Spotify, you can view and listen to your friends’ playlists, but Ping’s interface feels more like a social network than Spotify. You can follow your […]

Apple employee rants about Apple in private Facebook profile, gets fired

December 5, 2011


Reminder: You might have your social media profiles set to private but your posts will get out anyway. Samuel Crisp learned that today when the reported “Genius” of the Norwich Apple Store in the United Kingdom was fired after ranting on his Facebook page about his iPhone and various apps. His profile was set to […]

Google cuts into Apple with new subscription service

February 16, 2011


This war between Google and Apple just won’t end. Today, Google announced its One Pass service that gives publishers more freedom with subscription services. The setup is quick and easy and publishers can choose to give subscribers auto-renewal and one-day passes. Here’s where it gets really interesting: Apple announced yesterday that they taking 30 percent […]

Apple’s new subscription app is more publisher friendly

February 15, 2011


After weeks of criticism about Apple’s stance on subscription standards on its products, today the company unveiled a subscription service in its apps store that critics believe will relieve some of the pain. Through the app, publishers will be able to set payment standards and subscription term lengths. According to the article: “Our philosophy is […]

Time Inc. avoids Apple, goes with HP and Google

February 13, 2011


Time Inc., which owns the large magazines Time, People and Sports Illustrated, made a competitive move in the tablet market by striking an agreement with Hewlett-Packard to sell subscriptions on HP’s TouchPad tablet. Time Inc. has also said it will sell print-digital bundles with full access for Google’s Android Market. While the TouchPad tablet isn’t […]

Apple working on smaller, cheaper iPhone

February 12, 2011


In what is most probably a reaction to the Verizon iPhone 4 launch this week, Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a smaller, cheaper iPhone. The device would reportedly sell for $200 without the standard two-year contract and is one-third smaller than the current iPhone. The device is on track to be released mid-year.

Prototype of new iPad glimpsed at news event

February 10, 2011


On Feb. 2, when Rupert Murdoch unveiled “The Daily,” the iPad’s newspaper, eyewitnesses caught a glimpse of a prototype of a new iPad in the audience. An unnamed source confirmed its existence but News Corp. and Apple declined to comment. The only tidbit we know is that it allegedly features a front-facing camera at the […]