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Regret The Error: The media mistakes of 2011

December 19, 2011


News organizations make errors. There’s no denying that. Some are a bit humorous and others are completely outrageous. Sometimes it isn’t even the errors that make us raise our eyebrows; it’s the corrections that are printed. Recently, Regret the Error has moved to Poynter Online. This transfer didn’t stop them from putting together their favorite […]

Google Currents debuts as more than a social news reader

December 9, 2011


It’s been a long time in coming, but Google Currents has arrived. According to an article by Epicenter, Google Currents has been in development for most of the year under the alleged name “Propeller.” Google claims to have 150 partners within the newspaper and magazine industry for its tablet and smart phone focused reader app. […]

Time CEO who brought unwelcome change fired after only 6 months

February 21, 2011


After less than six month on the job, Jack Griffin has been fired as CEO of Time’s magazine division. According to the article, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes sent a memo to employees that said, “Although Jack is an extremely accomplished executive, I concluded that his leadership style and approach did not mesh with Time […]

Apple’s new subscription app is more publisher friendly

February 15, 2011


After weeks of criticism about Apple’s stance on subscription standards on its products, today the company unveiled a subscription service in its apps store that critics believe will relieve some of the pain. Through the app, publishers will be able to set payment standards and subscription term lengths. According to the article: “Our philosophy is […]

Yahoo to launch “Livestand” later this year

February 12, 2011


Yahoo announced this week that it will launch a tablet-based news and magazine service called “Livestand.” While the service won’t be available until later this year, Yahoo says it will allow news and magazine publishers to offer their content on a variety of devices, including the iPad and Android. According to the article: “We see […]

Magazine single-copy sales fall dramatically

February 7, 2011


Another trend keeps on going. The Associated Press reports that magazine sales,  subscriptions and circulation fell at a faster pace the latter half of 2010 than the first half. The Audit Bureau of Circulations said Monday that single-copy sales fell 7.3 percent over that time period. This is a shame because this is also the […]

AT&T named “best mobile coverage in the world”

January 31, 2011


So, iPhone buyers, are you sure you want to give Verizon a try? Love it or hate it, AT&T was named “best mobile coverage in the world” by Business Traveler Magazine. This is the fourth consecutive year that AT&T has brought home this honor. The article from PR Newswire lists five reasons why AT&T ranks […]