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Viral Video Alert: Bear waves hello

December 14, 2011


How do you make a 7-second video go viral? First, include a great big grizzly bear in the shot. Second, wave at him and shout “Hi!” Third, somehow entice the bear to wave back. Cue laughter. That’s the long and – very – short of this video. We’ve seen it across several social media networks […]

YouTube launches site specifically for schools, learning environments

December 12, 2011


Looks like YouTube got tired of educational institutions blocking their site in the pursuit of protecting students from potentially offensive material in its video library. Today, the arguably No. 1 social media site launched YouTube for Schools, which only allows access to videos that are deemed appropriate learning material for the classroom. YouTube for School […]

Viral Video Alert: Bachmann gets earful from 8 year old

December 8, 2011


Oh, the things kids say! Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was surprised when 8-year-old Elijah Cromer approached her during her book signing and told her, “My mommy’s gay, but she doesn’t need any fixing.” Bachmann doesn’t hear him at first and asks him to repeat it, then looks shocked when she realizes what he said. Bachmann […]

Viral Video Alert: Elves battle to the death in “Elf Sabers”

December 5, 2011


This video showed up in Google+’s “what’s hot” spark. We can see why “Elf Sabers” might go viral on YouTube. Who can resist female elves battling to the death with light sabers for a single spot in some unknown audition? Set to happy, happy Christmas music, it doesn’t exactly end how we thought it would. […]

Verizon releases iPhone 4 video to YouTube

January 21, 2011


Tick, tick, tick, tick. We just watched Verizon’s release of the iPhone 4 video, which they released to YouTube. In a word, it’s very dramatic. They don’t mention the iPhone or any information about it. In a voice over, they thank their Verizon faithful that have thought this day would never come. The words “iPhone […]